Broken people can't die


He didn't believe she was dead. It felt too wrong to be true. It was like yesterday, he broke her heart.

The day he found out about her death, his world completely changed. He still loved her. Even after she burned all his things and broke all his electronics. 

It was a love o first sight. He still remembered, how she entered class like new girl that just moved in. Everyone showed her, she's not wanted. Only he was the one who let her sit next to him. She was one of friendly people, but that kind, that is rare.

After few moths she finaly said yes to his question to be his girlfriend. That day he was happy like never did. 

But then... His friend "kidnapped" him and dragged to party of one friend of his. There he got drunk and did that terrible mistake. Combination of vodka and whiskey made him go down on friends girlfriend. She couldn't get over it. By that day they got dragged into more and more fights.

How could she hide her anorexia and depressions for so long from him?

She commited suicide 2 years ago, but it still felt like yesterday, he found annoucement in news. She jumped out of her window. On her bed she left a note saying 'I will never forgive you'.

But now she stood in front of him. Smiling in way, that gives nightmares. Eyes filled with sadness, madness and anger.

He ran to kitchen a grabbed a knife. Stabbed her really hard, but she only emptily stared at him.

She pulled the knife from her chest and smiled.

,,Was that supposed to hurt?"