Girl, who met Kurt Cobain


Once upon a timme there was a princess, but it wasn't princess like those from Disney. She was the opposite of them. She didn't live in beautiful manor with her parents, maids and butlers. She lived in flat with her mother Nancy and cat Kurt named by the famous singer of her favorite band Nirvana.

Nancy was typical young mother, who got pregnant at 16. She was alcoholic, who suffered from anorexia and forced her daughter to be as well.

Our princess was named Jenny, but everyone called she 'creep', 'freak' and 'outsider' and Nancy even called her 'Fatso'.

Kurt was Jennys best friend since day, Dee - her friend from Mental Hospital with suicidal thoughts. By that day, Jenny stopped cominicating with people. She just stayed in her room or went to near woods. She didn't go to school; she usually appeared there, when she needed warm up. It's been a long time since she went there last time. Maybe she even got expelled... How i said, it was a long time.

Our story begins in winter. Jenny was shivering on her favorite place in the woods.

,,Jenny! Jenny! Come home!" It was Howard. Nancy's newest boyfriend.

,,I'm not going anywhere! This time it was too much!!! I won't let that bitch control my life!" shouted Jenny back.

,,Please! Nancy will stop! I PROMISE!" Howard tried to put his jacket on Jenny.

,,NO!!! Leave me ALONE!!!!" princess ran deeper into the woods.

After some time she looked back. Howard didn't follow her. She slowed down and her eyes filled with tears. Her legs somehow lead her to cabin, that was surely forgotten and abandoned. There Jenny, all tired laid to bed and fell asleep.

She had a dream about living in happy family. with botha parents, that wanted her and didn't act like she was ruining their lives. Suddenly everything gone white and Jenny felt like falling. 

Right in front of her appeared strong light and started fading. After it fully faded, Jenny saw the only person, she wouldn't expect. He, who's music helped her through bad days when they weren't common.

Holy Kurt Cobain

,,Jenny, it's your time..." Kurt said ,,...They chose me to be your guide in afterlife. You'll meet there everyone, you loved...even you father and Dee."

Then he handed Jenny his arm.

She accepted.

And they both entered afterlife.