How to get confident?

It's easy! Just try follow these things:

- Write down all yours Pros and Cons and make them positive( Aloner = Doesn't require much attention)

- Do what you love. Do you love to draw? Just draw, it doesn't have to be perfect! You love dancing? Feel free to trip all the time! Even those princesses in your chool have bad days. (Maybe not... But we can make them some, eh?)

- Express yourself! The only person in the world, that can judge you, are you. Not God, Not society. YOU

- Don't let others bring you down. Also, helps when you search some good comebacks to those, who will try.

- If you have problem with expressing yourself, start on the internet. Make your own "OC" based on you, add things, that you wanna express more and live like that "OC". Slowly, it'll start getting into your real life, and you'll be more confident with those things. Good are Crate-your-own-character-and-chat games like Imvu, Stardoll, Second Life and MovieStarPlanet (Ik, MSP kinda sucks). You'll get to talk to people with same interests, and after time you won't fear asking strangers.

- Make Pinterest board(or real life board) full of people, you admire, love and quotes. every time, you feel terrible, just check it and you'll remember to stay cool.

-Don't fear to say no! One of causes of low self-confidence is being not able to say, what is your opinion. Simply say, what you think and feel. It's not your fault, society showed you this, that made you feel certain way